About Us

About us

Pulse Health Group

Pulse health group is a people-first corporation dedicated to patients and team members. With the highest quality standards, we guarantee precise results and compassionate care. Our people are the backbone of Pulse Health Group, and we promote a friendly, collaborative environment. Pulse health group supplies the most experienced staff to NHS and to other private companies. We are also delivering end-to-end MRI contracts in private sites throughout various locations. “End to End” means, we can get the contract from NHS or from Private Hospitals for a period of a year to 5 years, then we place the Mobile MRI on Site and supply qualified, efficient radiographers and Health Care assistants. All our staff are capable of working in Siemens, GE, Philips and Esaote machines. 

Pulse health group recognizes the importance of offering the most advanced radiology services. Imaging procedures are among physicians’ most valuable tools in diagnosing and treating illness or injury. We support our medical staff’s expertise with state-of-the-art imaging equipment.

Our Radiology department provides patients with high-quality imaging services. It’s a highly advanced, full-service department that meets patients’ and professionals’ diagnostics and Image-guided therapy needs.

Radiology offers non-invasive and interventional services. Consultants deliver timely, conclusive reports. Radiology has diagnostic scanners and experienced staff, and radiologists.

Providing high-quality imaging services to clients is a top priority for the Radiology Department and Imaging. An innovative, full-service department that aspires to address the needs of patients and physicians in imaging techniques and Image-guided therapy.

There are different non-invasive and interventional radiographic procedures available through our Radiology department. A team of experts is dedicated to delivering timely and accurate reports. Patients with life-threatening diseases like cancer can benefit from early diagnosis. 


Our Vision

A healthier world.

Our Purpose

Deliver the best health outcomes for our patients.